Bộ điều khiển tích hợp Cellarsafe
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Bộ điều khiển tích hợp Cellarsafe

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Crowcon CellarSafe

bộ điều khiển gas kết hợp báo CO2 và O2 của hãng Crowcon - UK

(Combined CO2 and O2 protection system)

From fermentation through to distribution, carbon dioxide (CO2) is one of the most common hazards to health in wineries, breweries, cellars and drinks outlets.

Long term exposure to as little 0.5% volume CO2 represents a toxic health hazard and concentrations greater than 10% volume can lead to death. CO2 is also now recognized to potentially pose a health hazard to workers in commercial kitchens and educational facilities.

CellarSafe has been specifically designed to warn personnel of these hazards and where there is also a risk of oxygen depletion, for example when nitrogen is used to aid in the dispensing of beers, it can also be specified with an oxygen sensor. The CellarSafe main unit, complete with local level and alarm indication, is located in the area being monitored whilst repeater units show fault, power and alarm status to warn personnel at entrances to the monitored zone. Two relays in the main unit provide the ability to drive ventilation control.


  • Simple installation and operation
  • Long sensor life
  • Optional oxygen sensor for protection against asphyxiation due to nitrogen leaks
  • Optional battery back-up
  • Minimal maintenance

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