Bộ điều khiển gas phòng nổ Vortex FP
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Bộ điều khiển gas phòng nổ Vortex FP

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Vortex FP

Flameproof Control System

Vortex FP and Vortex FP Compact are ATEX certified Exd Flameproof control panels for use in Zone 1 or Zone 2 hazardous areas such as on offshore production platforms or within refineries. Both offer all of the standard Vortex features, as well as a display fitted with magnetic switches which enable the system to be interrogated or inhibited without opening the system enclosure.

Simple to Use

  • All the day to day operations can be completed via push buttons on the front panel, removing the requirement for hot-work permits to complete everyday tasks
  • Fault and alarm LEDs on the front panel provide instant indication of system status
  • Alarm and channel settings can be adjusted at the panel

Highly flexibile

  • Available in two sizes, including a compact format for use in areas where space is a limiting factor
  • Customisation is easy with the Vortex PC software, our user friendly Windows package
  • Vortex uses industry standard Modbus RTU (or optionally Profibus) communications links making it simple to integrate with PLC, DCS or SCADA control systems

Robust and Reliable

  • Tested to the highest standards, Vortex FP systems are water and dust resistant to IP66
  • All the relays are monitored continuously ensuring full functionality, always
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